~~~No Rules Digital Images~~~



 If photography is an art, are there rules?

Art is the use of skill and imagination in the creation of objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others.

Skill: So as I venture out creating image after image and spend hours in the digital darkroom, I develop the first required item.

Imagination: If we free ourselves from external limitations (what they say we can or cannot do),we begin to think outside the box.

                    So photography is an art form without rules.

Now that, is a game I can play.

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8 Responses to ~~~No Rules Digital Images~~~

  1. Laura Crossey says:

    I look forward to exploring your work!

  2. I’m floored when I lock my eyes on some of these amazing photos. I too share the same feeling of love for nature. I’m looking foward to getting a glimpse of what is next to come!

  3. Ed Haywood says:

    I just got your photo of “Paiute Road” in a large format 30 by 17 printed on metal. WOW it looks so great on my office wall . Supper clear and sharp ! I couldn’t be happier ! Thanks !

  4. Julie Kelly says:

    I Just found your email in my Junk Mail…opps wrong place..
    Your photo you took of me in the Grand is on my wall and in my heart!
    Thanks for the trip of a lifetime….
    I am still here in AK

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