2nd Annual Dennis Hopper Day

The 2nd Annual Dennis Hopper Day of 2015 in Taos, New Mexico was an event I didn’t want to miss. The following is from the Dennis Hopper Day website at http://dennishopperday.com/

Dennis Hopper Day was first proclaimed by the 30th Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson on May 17, 2010. In 2014 Taos Pueblo recognized May 17th as Dennis Hopper Day annually.  A proclamation of the people of Taos County and of the Town of Taos proclaimed May 17th to be hereto annually know as, Dennis Hopper Day and designated a street “Hopper Highway” after the counter-culture icon.

We the Red Willow People of the Taos Valley recognize May 17th 2014 as Dennis Hopper Day. Our fore fathers let Dennis shoot his film, Easy Rider, in 1968 and he became friends with our Elders and People of the Pueblo. On May 17th, we will recognize Dennis Hopper Day Annually.” – Taos Pueblo Governor, Clyde M. Romero

2nd Annual Dennis Hopper Day(click on images to enlarge)

2nd Dennis Hopper DayI joined the day’s events at the Old Martina’s Restaurant. For the complete agenda of the day click on the link above.

Dennis Hopper DayRobby Romero, who as a child lived with Mr. Hopper at the Mable Dodge Tony Lujan House in Taos and had a life-long familial connection to Hopper.

Dennis Hopper DayBikers.

Dennis Hopper DayGroup photo at the Rio Grande Gorge State Park.

Dennis Hopper DayIt was a great mix of bikes and riders.

Dennis Hopper DayA couple of Airheads.Dennis Hopper DayEven a Russia made Ural.

Dennis Hopper DayI hope the 3rd annual event will be even bigger.

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  1. Nolan Hofstadter says:

    We are very proud to announce our discovery of a hidden homage, to D.H. Lawrence, in Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider. In fact, we believe it explains his interest in Los Gallos, the Mabel Dodge Luhan House. This 45 year old secret is not so secret. It is homaged in Apocalypse Now (1979), The Big Lebowski (1998), and most recently Inherent Vice (2014).

    Google my name, “Nolan Hofstader”, and “Filmtank”. There you will find The Lebowski Codex of which post #2 is the Taos Post.

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