An abstract from the drivers seat of the Windscreen Water while in a car wash.A view of the world. Following several days of snow with somewhat warm temperatures, the roads where covered with a slushy mixture of ice, snow, water and that red pumice/sand that the highway department likes to use. Which results in a car that looks the same. The day I was in Taos, the sun was shining for the first time in days and I decided to wash the car. The only one without a line was fully automated, which I actually felt good about. This abstraction was taken as I sat behind the wheel and watched the water sheet down. I guess you could say this abstract image cost me $7.00.

Taos, New Mexico

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Peering at the suface of the Rio Grande River and the reflecting trees.River Trees. It’s becoming somewhat of an obsession for me. I spend so many days every year on or around water, that I guess it’s only natural that I look upon the surface and find a whole new enchanting world. If you like this type of abstraction, check out my collection, The Color of Water.

Pilar, New Mexico

A Fine LineA fine line. Even in our lives, the line between organization and chaos can be a sharp decent.

Rio Grande River, New Mexico

UmbellaUmbrella from the underside. It seems at many events I find myself walking around, ignoring the festivities and searching out the angles and lines.

Chili Fest, New Mexico

Table RainbowTable Rainbow. On the road, we stopped for a bite to eat but found only chips, candy and bottled water. But hey, the table was colorful.

Belize, Central America

Implement RibsImplement Ribs. While walking around a tree farm, I became intrigued by all the lines of the farm equipment.

Tooley’s Tree Farm, Truchas, New Mexico

Umbrella TopUmbrella top. It’s all about the colors and the lines.

Chili Fest, New Mexico

Cooling PipesFrom here to there. I remember it as a cold and snowy morning, few folks were stirring about, I suppose waiting for it all to clear or maybe they had called in sick and just weren’t going anywhere. Walking the fringes of the downtown area I came upon what I supposed to be a electrical transfer station and spied a row of what appeared to be cooling pipes. Image taken through a cyclone fence.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Block Study #1On the inside looking out. I often sat and starred at the reflections and refracted light that ricocheted around the inner sanctum of the wall of glass blocks. With each passing moment, each new angle of the sun, the light, the shapes and the colors all changed.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hammock ColorsWondering which color would be best? Walking the open market I found a bounty of Third World treasures. The choices when it came to choosing a hammock were beyond belief and with the help of the fervent merchant it became an insurmountable task.

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, Central America

Rivers EdgeBlast Me. In the realm of “no rules” here I play with the lens. This was captured on the shore of the Rio Grande River, blue water and the green and yellow of the foliage.

Orilla Verde Recreation Area, Rio Grande River, New Mexico

Granda Swatch

Give it a once over. The tile roof of the Plaza Colon Hotel is visible from within the courtyard.

Granada, Nicaragua, Central America

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