What’s All This Then?

“What’s all this then?” That’s a line I frequently used many years ago which I borrowed from Monty Python. It was simply to demonstrate my state of bewilderment.

So why the confusion now?

Bud Light Trash. For the past year I have been creating images of the Anheuser-Bush product that I encounter along the roads, in the back country and in our streams and rivers of North Central New Mexico, more specifically in Taos and Rio Arriba Counties. It’s everywhere. If your eyes are open, you can’t miss it. If you don’t see it, it’s because you’ve conditioned your brain not to acknowledge it, either voluntarily or otherwise.

So why do they litter?

Now I’ve come to the conclusion that all humans who litter, and especially those who litter Bud Light……..ARE IDIOTS. My knee jerk reaction is to label these Neanderthals as “stupid, selfish, thoughtless imbeciles”.

Here’s my top 3 reasons people litter Bud Light (specifically) in our beautiful state of New Mexico.

  1. It’s rebellious and anti-authoritarian to litter.
  2. They are too lazy to dispose of it properly.
  3. They have no sense of pride.

Just saying.

(click on images to enlarge)

Budlight_3424VibImage of a BL bottle taken though 12 inches of water in the main acequia of the Embudo River, Dixon.

Bud_8175VibBack country, four-wheel drive road, Bureau of Land Management land, Velarde.

Reflective_6558My reflection in the glass, Chama River Road #161.

BudLight_3796Who would toss a can here?

Budlight_3797The Taos Plateau, Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, Taos.

Bud_9199De3Wild and Scenic Section of the Rio Grande river.

Budlight_9580sHDRState Road 570, Pilar.

Budlight_9686A crushed abstract, Forest Service Road 557, Carson National Forest, Carson.

Budlight_9925ODS.SpiChama River Valley, Chamita.

Bud_1341Forest Road 76, Rito la Presa

Abiquiu_6489 - Version 2A frozen Abiquiu Lake, with Pedernal in the background, Abiquiu.

If you’ve gotten this far in my post then you surely have a opinion. What’s your thoughts?  Share this. Thanks for stopping in.

About Britt Runyon

A New Mexico based free roaming outdoor digital photographer, always on the qui vive for what Nature and humans provide.
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