Bud Light Trash of Taos County

Bud Light trash of Taos County, New Mexico. Everywhere I go in this great state of New Mexico I encounter an Anheuser-Busch product. So I decided to do a bit of photo journalism on the discarded containers of Bud Light. Seems to be the most popular trash in New Mexico.

I would describe the taste as “water with a hint of color and rice/corn flavor. Imagine Cheetos without the cheese”.

Here are some great examples of my daily encounters.

(click on image to enlarge)

Bud Light cap trash macro image.Smashed into the pavement.

Bud Light trash of the Carson National Forest, New Mexico.Carson National Forest, Taos County, near Tres Piedres, New Mexico.

Bud Light trash at the Taos "County Line", New Mexico.At the Taos “County Line”.

Bud Light bottle cap in a Taos, New Mexico parking lot.City parking lot, Taos.

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