Cerro Pedernal

Cerro Pedernal is located in the northern Jemez Mountains due west of my home in Ojo Caliente and the best part is I view it everyday from my veranda. The name Pedernal means flint in Spanish and this butte in northern New Mexico is a great source for the same. Native American’s of the area used this flint for arrowheads, knives, scrapers and spear points. Artist Georgia O’Keefe lived in nearby Abiquiu and created stunning paintings of this well-known butte.

Cerro Pedernal as viewed at sunset.This sunset image was taken from the veranda of my OJOHOME.

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About Britt Runyon

A New Mexico based free roaming outdoor digital photographer, always on the qui vive for what Nature and humans provide.
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2 Responses to Cerro Pedernal

  1. Daniel Gale says:

    Is this possible to see Cerro Pedernal from Taos. I have visited there several times and have seen what looks like this place many times and wondered what and where it is. I would have traveled there before, but the state of New Mexico has so man places to see that I have not been able to yet. I plan to return and have this don my to do list.

    • Britt Runyon says:

      You cannot see Pedernal from the town of Taos.
      The image was taken from my own property in Ojo Caliente.
      Pedernal itself is close to the town of Abiquiu and can be seen from Hwy 84.
      Of course it can be seen from a variety of places throughout Northern New Mexico.
      Thanks for stopping in and checking out my images.

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