Constructing a Motorcycle Shop

Constructing a motorcycle shop was something I’d been wanting to do since being a teenager when I had a 1968 Yamaha dirt bike. Think about that for a moment, that was 47 years ago. I have worked on BMW’s, Yamaha’s, Suzuki’s, Honda’s and Bultaco’s. Everything from changing tires to pulling engines and it has always involved searching for lost nuts, bolts, washers, springs or screws in the dirt.

With our departure date drawing near, bike maintenance was on the table. The plan is to ride from our home in Ojo Caliente, Northern New Mexico, to Baja, Mexico and do some whale watching with Pachicos Eco Tours.

….but for now, something had to be done.

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bmw f 650 gsThis is CJ’s 2007 BMW F 650 GS and once again I find myself playing mechanic on a rug in the dirt. Yes, that’s snow on the ground outside.

motorcycle shopOnce the repairs were done, mostly maintenance, I decided it was time to upgrade. View looking in from the hot tub room.

motorcycle shopWith the ceiling being so low I had to minimize the thickness of the floor. Pouring concrete was out of the question.

motorcycle shopFinding some excellent Ojo Caliente sand on the property I brought in a few wheel barrel loads. Leveled and tamped. Transitioned the floor from shop to garage with a nice ramp.

motorcycle shopTwo layers of roofing paper were laid on the sand.

motorcycle shopThen the 3/4 plywood. I began the table and framing of the pony wall to separate the shop from the garage. Oh, and you notice I’ve done some white washing of the walls.

paint and plywoodI don’t think the lights will work very well from down there.

electrical work“Is it code” you ask. “Well certainly” I reply.

Go proNow, how’s that for a custom light switch cover.

man caveSome on sale carpet sure feels good to stand on. I just hope not to kick over a quart of oil.

man caveI even have heat now, note the Mr. Heater on the propane bottle. You can see the Snorkel hot tube in the pool room.

man caveRemember that 2nd image above? I partitioned off the shop area from the garage area with two layers of a $20 rug. In other words, a really thick curtain. Now I’m ready to bring in the next bike.

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