Deer Creek Double Waterfall ~ Featured

Waterfall Featured on and Fine Art America

This waterfall image has been featured in three different photography groups on Fine Art America and This lovely work is featured on the home page of The 200 Club, Grand Canyon National Park and Images That Excite, groups in which only a select few are featured.

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Deer Creek has cut a short, deep canyon within the Grand Canyon National Park more specifically know as the Deer Creek Narrows. I approached this unique natural wonder by raft via the Colorado River. Starting at Lee’s Ferry, traveling 137 river miles over 14 days, I camped on the rivers edge across from Deer Creek Falls. A trail just downstream of the falls heads up to the narrows through the Tapeats Sandstone. The waterfall in the upper portion of the photograph is the first of several as the water enters the narrows section and joins the Colorado River below.

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Deer Creek waterfall in the Grand Canyon, Arizona.Note that the watermark will not be on any print purchased.

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