First Aspens Then Cottonwoods – New Mexico

First the Aspens then Cottonwoods. The first leaves to change their color are the high elevation Aspen trees, closely followed by the lower in altitude Cottonwoods of the rivers and streams.

New Mexico’s fall colors never disappoint, all one has to do is put down the phone and get out there. The following Aspen images were taken as I explored the high country of the Carson National Forest in the northern part of the state. Specifically, the drive was on Forest Service Road 91B, beginning at Hopewell Lake on Highway 64 and ending on Forest Service Road 111 at Highway 285 in Ojo Caliente. Nothing like the outdoors to replenish the soul.

First aspens then cottonwoods. Forest Service Rd 91B in Northern New Mexico.First aspens then cottonwoods. A beauty of a fall colored road.First aspens then cottonwoods. A wider view of fall colors in New Mexico.Abandoned cabin of the aspen forest.…and then come the Cottonwoods.

Morning fog with Autumn colors and Cerro Pedernal, New Mexico.The morning after a fall storm the fog rolled in and color was there to see without walking farther than the veranda. Ojo Caliente, New Mexico.

Highway 68 along the Rio Grande, New Mexico.

The dark wet pavement and cloud cover allowed the Autumn colors to permeate the moist soft light.

Variations of Autumn colors of New Mexico.The Sedge, Red Willow, Salt Ceder and Cottonwoods all paraded their colors on the banks of the Rio Grande in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

Storm clouds and a New Mexico autumn.The colors of the Rio Ojo valley.

Abstract autumn leaves of New Mexico.With a slight breeze drifting through the air, you could here the sound of the leaves clapping hands in celebration of the coming winter.

Merlin also enjoys the season.Merlin, one of the horses at the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, seemed to enjoy the fall temperatures.

Autumn colors and Cerro Pedernal.…and now back on the veranda of my OJOHOME, with Cerro Perdernal on the horizon.

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A New Mexico based free roaming, award winning, internationally published, digital photographer, always on the qui vive for what Nature and humans provide.

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About Britt Runyon

A New Mexico based free roaming outdoor digital photographer, always on the qui vive for what Nature and humans provide.
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