First Snow New Mexico

Ah yes, “first snow New Mexico”. It’s always a bit of a downer as the days get shorter, we turn the clocks back and the temps drop to the single digits but there is a bright side. The first snow. The date was November 16, 2014.

The reason for venturing out on this cold snowy morning was my desire to capture an image of the Bighorn Sheep that live in and around the gorge. For years I have photographed these awesome creatures but never in a full blown snow storm but, alas it was not to be. First, I was late in getting out and the weather was beginning to clear. Secondly, none were sighted. LoL

It was near blizzard conditions (See my earlier blog here.) as I set out for the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument from my Ojo Caliente home. The road from Highway 285, through Carson, to the West Rim Road was already showing signs of the warmth from the sun as the clouds began to breakup. I stopped off at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and then dropped off the rim down to the Rio Grande river.

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first snow new mexicoState Road 567 headed to Carson and the West Rim Road.

first snow new mexicoAnybody ever dined at this fine West Rim establishment?

first snow new mexicoA short hike brings one to this classic view of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.

first snow new mexicoI love the Zia symbol tattoo (shadow) on the walkway.

Descending_5711ShNoCo_1The first turn on the snow, water and dirt descending from the rim to the Rio.

Descending_5712ShNoCo_1I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get first tracks.

first snow new mexicoThe beauty of the snow coverd Sangre de Cristo’s began peeking out through the clouds.

View_5717ShNoCo_1The view, looking South, at the last hairpin before crossing the Taos Junction Bridge.

first snow new mexicoFrom the Taos Junction Bridge looking North to the last rapid of the Taos Box. I wondered how the fishing was?

first snow new mexicoThis small group of Northern Shovelers on their way South, seemed to be enjoying the sunshine and the company of a Canada Goose.

first snow new mexicoThere’s always a gaggle of Canada Geese who winter in the Monument but it’s impossible to know if they are thinking “Hey, this is a nice place” or dreaming of the Bosque del Apache.

first snow new mexicoSnow close-up.

Ascending_5714ShNoCo_1Again the beauty stops me in my “mushy” tracks as I ascend back up and out of the Gorge on my way back to Ojo and home.

first snow new mexicoRaven on the wing.

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  1. Britt Runyon says:

    Beautiful, I can feel the crispness in the air,

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