Grand Canyon

LeesFerry_8878It all starts here. Lee’s Ferry, Coconino County, Arizona. Due to its unique geography – the only place in hundreds of miles from which one can easily access the Colorado River – it historically served as an important river crossing and starting in the mid-1800s was the site of a ferry operated by John Doyle Lee, for whom it is named.

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A short hike up Royal Arch Creek brings you to this natural wonder.Elves Chasm is a beautiful shaded grotto with a luscious waterfall. After tying up your raft at the Royal Arch Creek drainage on the Colorado River, you hike up the drainage preforming a few slippery, slithery moves to reach this wonder of the Grand Canyon. There is a cave-like climb up into the waterfall and a spot that you jump from but be very careful.

A reflective pool of the Grand Canyon.Golden Glamour. The late afternoon light on the canyon walls reflected gold on the trickling water of the pools.

Matkatamiba Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park

Grotto Stretch A room with a view. This tributary is also known as Shinumo Wash or Twenty-Nine Mile Canyon. This series of slickrock scrambles and swims through a lovely limestone narrows is for those who have some climbing and canyoneering experience. A must see for those rafting the Colorado River.

Silver Grotto, Grand Canyon National Park

Looking OutGazing from the gallery. Located along river mile 33, Redwall Cavern is a ginormous ampitheater carved by high river flows into the Canyon’s limestone walls. From afar, the cave looks deceptively small, especially compared to the towering cliff above it. It’s not until you get out of the raft and start walking into the gaping expanse, and keep walking and walking, that you realize just how impressive it is.

Redwall Cavern, Grand Canyon National Park

Mile 222, Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park

Little Colorado ConfluenceThe view from Temple Butte of the confluence of the Colorado River and the Little Colorado River, affectionately known as the LCR. This is the proposed site of a very controversial project to place a hotel, tram and much more (as of March 2013).

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Salt Creek CloudsDo you see the swimming fish? At mile 256 Salt Creek joins the mighty Colorado River. On this day the air was crystal and then the clouds did what clouds do best, they showed off.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Statum SightMillions of years in view. From river level one scans eons of time. From the black Schist (2 billion years) to Coconino Sandstone (260 million Years). Also seen here is Tapeats Sandstone, Bright Angle Shale, Muav Limestone and the ever formidable Redwall Limestone.

Mile 128, Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park

Lone CederThis and my morning coffee. This was our second camp on my 2012 journey down the Colorado River. This was my view as I sat, sipped my morning brew and pondered my place in this amazing world.

Lone Cedar Camp, Mile 23.5

Redwall ApproachRiver light spectacle. At mile 33, usually day four of a multi-day journey, this is the downstream view. Redwall Cavern is just coming into view, which I believe it was John Wesley Powell who said it could accommodate 50,000 people.Hmmm? Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park.

Elves ChasmThey say elves live here. The charming grotto of Elves Chasm is less than 0.25 miles from the river. A delicate waterfall trickles around huge boulders into a pool in this shady canyon of ferns and mosses.

House Rock DoryThe first rapid. House Rock Rapid (rated 4-7) at mile 16.9, is the first large rapid in the Grand Canyon. A large hole on the left side of the river forms at most water levels, necessitating a right run.


Here’s my latest Grand Canyon video. More can be found here.

The Grand Adventure 2016 from Britt Runyon on Vimeo.

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