Mississippi Headwaters

You can walk across the mighty Mississippi Headwaters with only a few precarious steps as it starts its journey 2,552 miles to the Gulf of Mexico.

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Sign at the Mississippi HeadwatersA drop of water exiting Itasca Lake takes 90 days to reach the Gulf of Mexico. Now how do they know that?

Itasca Lake RocksThe above line of rocks separates Itasca Lake (background) from the Mighty Mississippi (foreground).

Itasca LakeThe view as I stand on the rocks overlooking the lake.

Crossing the Mississippi RiverEveryone gets a turn at crossing the lake, I mean river…….whatever.

Itasca LakeA youngster having fun.

Itasca LakeWith an overcast sky, another look at the lake.

Feet over Mississippi RiverA 16 foot wooden plank spans the Mississippi Headwaters which allowed me to get the vantage point for the above images. (Note my new shoes.)

Mississippi RiverA 180 degree turn on the plank and I’m watching the mighty river on it’s way to the ocean.

And now for a couple a macro reflections on the surface of the lake.

Itasca LakeSedge ReflectionClick on any image to enlarge and view in the gallery.

If you find yourself in Northern Minnesota, a stop at the Itasca State Park, the states oldest, is worth every minute.

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