Motorcycle Adventure Riding

Motorcycle Adventure Riding the Southwest and beyond on a 1992 BMW R 100 GS with the wife, friends, fellow riders and solo.

We met a fellow Adventure Rider at the border.

Big Bend National Park, Texas

Motorcycle Adventure RidingFind the Big Bend ride report here.

Exploits of Uncertainty (Big Bend NP Dual-sport Riding) (HD) from Britt Runyon on Vimeo.


Now one minute of the Ore Road, Big Bend National Park.

Ore Road – Big Bend National Park (HD)* from Britt Runyon on Vimeo.

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Motorcycle Adventure Riding the Southwest and beyond.This seldom traveled dual-sport road leaves Highway 163 at Goulding, Utah, heads into the San Juan River valley (28 miles) and to a point named Paiute Farms. It rides atop Navajo sandstone, sometimes sand, sometimes solid rock, with the surrounding buttes of Wingate Sandstone.

Navajo Indian Reservation, Utah

The Motorcycle Border Boogie.The Border Boogie. I’ve seen many images of this historic crossing in travel publications and posts by adventure travelers but this time I was there in person to capture my own version of the scene.

No Mans Land, Honduras, Central America

Motorcycle Adventure Riding the Southwest and beyond.Off to the beach. It became a common sight to see the entire family commuting on two wheels, be it motorized or pedal power. I have seen five up, dad, mom and the three kids. This image was taken on a weekend, so it appears they’re off for some frolicking.

Bocas del Toro, Panama.

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