My Prerogative

Light Move At the camp-out. We found ourselves with a place to lay our heads just as the sun was setting. A simple left turn off the highway brought us home sweet home.

BLM land just North of St. Johns, Arizona

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New Mexico and it's unique yard art.International. Traipsing around the great state of New Mexico, images pop out at me from all directions. This was an old truck belonging to a friend up in Truchas.

Tooley’s Tree Farm, Truchas, New Mexico

A Central American cattle driveRoad Roundup. When riding a motorcycle through the back country roads, one has to be ever vigilant for oil slicks, potholes and maybe even cattle drives.

Dominical, Costa Rica, Central America

Ready to RollReady to roll. On a day hike along the Rio Grande River I can upon this work horse from the past, definitely a classic. I got the feeling that even though it appeared to have been abandoned for several years, if I were to hop into the drivers seat, turn the ignition, push the starter button, this relic would jump up and say “let’s get’er done”.

Rio Grande River Valley, Northern New Mexico

Wisk SparksWisk sparks. It’s a time honored tradition, at least for me anyway, of river side entertainment. I will not take the time to explain how it’s done because now days the secret is out. Search YouTube and you’ll find all sorts of urbanite’s doing it.

Salt River Canyon, Arizona

Ram on RamNow that’s a custom paint job. It rained most of the night and continued as morning arrived. As I awaited the brewing of the coffee I walked the campground to shake off the shivers and came upon a Dodge Ram with a Ram paint job.

Rogue National Wild and Scenic River, Oregon

Times PastFrom time past. I have to admit my ignorance in just exactly what the proper name for this particular piece of mining equipment is called. I’ve always called it a hopper. If you have any ideas leave me a comment.

Salt River Wilderness, Arizona

Big Yellow TaxiYellowstone Tours. As I venture into the world of HDR’s, I discover images such as this. High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI or HDR) is a set of methods used in imaging and photography to allow a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging methods or photographic methods.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Snow RavenA virtual white-out. In my pursuit of “the image”, I find myself venturing into days of inclement weather and today was one of those. Anywhere you hike in New Mexico, at some point you will come across a fence post. Seems that humans have this compulsion to either keep things in or keep things out with fencing but they can’t confine the raven.

Pilar, New Mexico

Fuel for RideFuel for the ride. I recently attended a gathering of BMW enthusiast in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In the crowd were several classic bikes in beautiful, if not pristine condition. My heart desired to bring them all home with me but alas, I could only capture images.

OCD Cycles, Santa Fe, New Mexico

New Wave New Wave. It’s all about fire side entertainment. This was night 6 on our multi-day rafting journey. I find it amusing how humans have the propensity to find ways of self entertainment.

Salt River Canyon, Arizona

SucclentFrom the Shire. This image is probably the closest I will ever come to erotica. Ceramics credit goes to, Shel, a very talented Dixon artist and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Embudo, New Mexico

3 Responses to My Prerogative

  1. Cathy Jo Robison says:

    Giving your voice a vehicle is perhaps the most empowering thing that one can do. Congratulations on your courageous and georgous efforts.

  2. Howard BRADLEY says:

    Thank you on your expose of Bud Light, “felony beer”, trash in NM. Wife and I just back from the Santa Fe NF and road 100 and road 8 around Coyote and Galina, and I’ve started to refer to this NF as the “Bud Light NF” because of what your photos so horrifically show. I think the “Beer” hunters pick up a cold 24 pack/person and can make the whole loop around road 8 and 64. Believe me, I’ve hunted the French Mesa area and most hunters would have a cold beer between their legs while road hunting. BTW, that area is just made for road hunting, being 30-06 open! Some of the cans have been along the roadside so long, the moss is reclaiming them. I’ve even written the forest service to complain and accused them of selling BL, but shouldn’t blame them as its us “Killroys” the human beans. I “googled” Bud Lite national forest and found your photos.

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