Rio Grande Gorge Bridge in Monsoon Season

The Rio Grande Gorge in monsoon season brings out some interesting light.

A recent visitor wrote : “Beautiful bridge with awesome views and sights. Park on the west side and visit the local vendors’ tables for handmade goodies to take home for family and friends. Most days you’ll find an brightly painting & decorated school bus serving ice cream and other great treats. Bathrooms are nearby at the visitor area. Just south of the bathrooms is a beautiful trail that you can follow along the rim. View the river all the way along the trail. Take a rest on benches along the way. Back at the bridge, be sure to walk at least to the middle and stand at one of the viewing areas to realize just how high the bridge is – higher than the Golden Gate Bridge! (as I’ve been told). When vehicles pass, you can feel slight movement of the bridge. No worries, though, the bridge just went through an update! Some days, you can see up close and personal (but don’t attempt to touch), bighorn sheep that eat grasses along the east side of the bridge (as you approach it, they can be on either side of the road). Please don’t litter or throw anything over the sides. Help Taos keep the river and the bridge (everywhere for that matter) clean for the next set of visitors!”

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Rio Grande Gorge in New Mexico monsoon season.A slow morning for visitors because of the rain.

Rio Grande Gorge in New Mexico monsoon season.Heavy fog and mist obscured the background.

Rio Grande Gorge in New Mexico monsoon season.The Rio Grande below.

Rio Grande Gorge in New Mexico monsoon season.Thanks for stopping in.

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