New Mexico

Autumn StanceCool blue waters. I visit this site on the Rio Grand River more than a hundred times a year and each time it enchants. This is one of my most popular images both in comments received and print sales.

The County Line, New Mexico Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River

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Bald eagle on the wingDuring the Winter months, the migration of North America’s Bald Eagle population brings some to the Orilla Verde Recreation Area.

Wild and Scenic section of the Rio Grande River, New Mexico

HoarfrostHoarfrost Orchard. On a recent motorcycle ride attempt to Mexico, we were hit with very poor riding weather, that is cold and snow. A long story but we ended up in Southern Arizona.
This image is from the pecan orchards North of the border near Deming. Yes, it was a cold ride.

Southern New Mexico

Coyote on ice.With the river frozen, this lone coyote was having a difficult time acquiring a drink. After breaking through a few times, he/she licked the ice for a few minutes then moved on. Not sure why it’s tongue didn’t stick.

Wild and Scenic section of the Rio Grande River, New Mexico

Schist ViewSchist View

This image was created as I floated on the Race Course section of the Rio Grande in Northern New Mexico. Along the 5 mile section one encounters endless sights to behold. The monsoon season was in full swing, bringing a cloudy 3 hour float, except this one moment when the sun appeared and brightly lit my upstream view.

Below Big Rocks Rapid

River Otters in the RIo Grande del Norte National Monument.I photographed this family of River Otters as I rafted down the Taos Box section of the Rio Grande.

Summer time in the Chama River Valley of New Mexico, provides inspiration to artist from all over the globe.Summer time in the Chama River Valley of New Mexico, provides inspiration to artist from all over the globe. The valley rim and sloping uplands are punctuated by steep sandstone and sedimentary outcroppings. Inside the valley is a plethora of geological formations including steep canyon walls and escarpments consisting of rock slides, overhangs, pinnacles and ridges. The Chama Valley is home to dense stands of Pinyon and Ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir, Juniper, Mountain-mahogany, Gambel oak and of course the Cholla Cactus as seen in this image.
This image was captured as I drove Forest Service Road 151 down to the river.

Snow Geese at the Bosque.Snow Geese at the Bosque. Bosque del Apache is Spanish for “woods of the Apache,” and is rooted in the time when the Spanish observed Apaches routinely camped in the riverside forest. Here, tens of thousands of birds–including sandhill cranes, Arctic geese, and many kinds of ducks–gather each autumn and stay through the winter.

Bosque del Apache, New Mexico

Ortiz MountainsAs seen from the Jemez Mountains. The Ortiz Mountains are on the east side of the Rio Grande Rift, with the Santa Domingo Basin and Hagan Basin of the rift to their west, with the Sandia uplift to the southwest, and the Espanola Basin and the Estancia Basin to the east. They form part of the watershed boundary between the Rio Grande and the Pecos River.

Paseo del Norte Road, Carson National Forest

A view of the Rio Grande River and a Cholla Cactus bloom.Cholla Bloom. One of the most amazing colors of the New Mexico high desert has to be this flower. Can’t wait for Summer.

Race Course Section, Rio Grande River, New Mexico

Raven close-up.Ever vigilant. There are many references to ravens in legends and literature. Because of its black plumage, croaking call, and diet of carrion, the raven has long been considered a bird of ill omen and of interest to creators of myths and legends.

Rio Grande Gorge BridgeLocally known as the “Gorge Bridge” and the “High Bridge”, is a steel deck arch bridge across the Rio Grande Gorge 10 miles northwest of Taos, New Mexico, United States.

The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, New Mexico

Rio Grande River National MonumentRio Grande River National Monument. The Rio Grande River courses it’s way South, through Northern New Mexico, at the bottom of the Rio Grande Gorge just west of Taos. This snowy day gave great opportunities for images with very subdued light.

Rio Grande River National Monument, New Mexico

Bighorn sheep in the Rio Grande.Bighorn Sheep Ram. Reintroduced to the area, these magnificent animals have had a very successful recovery.

Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, New Mexico

Pilar SignSummer river central. Just minutes South of Taos New Mexico, in the Rio Grande Valley, you’ll find this gem of a spot. Not musk happens here in the winter months but when Summer rolls around it’s the hub for visitors, including but not limited to hikers, rafters, kaykers, travelers, birders and hungry folks. They make a great burrito at the cafe.

Pilar, New Mexico.

Bridge Perspective A slow traffic day. As a lot of you know I’m not really a Winter person, I so much love the idea of avoiding it all together but one activity that make snow days tolerable is getting out when it all clears and taking photographs.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, Taos, New Mexico

Rio VerdeA new perspective. I’ve learned over the years that if I want to improve on a good image, go up or down and watch for something new to happen.

Taos Junction, New Mexico

Vertical PerspectiveDon’t drop the camera. One of my photographic pleasures is attempting to be creative in capturing images of the Gorge Bridge. So many views have become “classic” and overdone. I’m headed back there this week, we’ll see what I come up with.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, Taos, New Mexico

The El Rito Church in Guadalupita, New Mexico.Guadalupita Steeple. My fellow New Mexicans, you know that there are so many old churches in this state and they all have their own character. This one got me to briefly stop and photograph.

Guadalupita, New Mexico

Petaca Confluence A stormy day. On the west rim of the gorge there’s a small canyon that starts up near the community of Carson and drains into the river just North of Pilar. The Petaca Trail on the mesa is a easy trail that concludes at a excellent vista over looking the river. I’ve hiked Petaca Canyon itself and it is a difficult scramble with nothing but game trails and cholla cactus.

Orilla Verde Recreation Area, New Mexico

Dixon Cooperative MarketSupporting your local economy. Using cooperative principles, the Mission of the Dixon Cooperative Market is to serve the citizens of the greater Embudo Valley by offering a wide variety of quality foods and consumer products at reasonable prices, to invigorate the local economy by supporting local growers and producers, to improve the quality of life and the health of our community through educational outreach, and to foster positive community involvement in a welcoming, friendly atmosphere.

Dixon, New Mexico

Box AerialAn eagles view. I never tire of this spectacle. This image has been taken millions of times by million of  photographers and tourist so I have to throw mine in the mix. For rafting enthusiast this is mile four of the Taos Box Section of the Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River.

Rio Grande Gorge, Taos, New Mexico

Lobatos CrossingOld and still in use. Taken from the East side of the bridge, facing into the sun, I was drawn to the lines and shadow. Built in 1892 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company out of Canton, Ohio, it’s still worthy of use and is the first available crossing of the Rio Grande River North of the gorge.

Lobatos, Colorado

River Stage, Rio Grande River, New Mexico, Orilla Verde Recreation AreaAfter the storm. Having this for a backyard makes me feel very blessed. I waited out the storm, cozy and content, next to a warming fire in the kiva. Seems that the skies are so much more crisp following a delightful snow storm.

Orilla Verde Recreation Area, New Mexico.

VLASighting in on the heavens. The Very Large Array, one of the world’s premier astronomical radio observatories, consists of 27 radio antennas in a Y-shaped configuration on the Plains of San Agustin fifty miles west of Socorro, New Mexico.

Old Highway 60, West of Socorro, New Mexico

Herring BoneSummer time view. The Race Course section of the Rio Grande River lies along Highway 68 in Taos County of Northern New Mexico. This is one of my daily views as I raft down to the County Line Take-out.

New Mexico Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River

The most photographed church in Taos, New MexicoSan Francisco de Asis. Also known as “Ranchos Church”, this sanctuary was built in the late 1700s and was made famous by Georgia O’Keeffe and Ansel Adams, among many other artists who became fascinated by its looming buttresses.

Ranchos de Taos, Taos, New Mexico

RioNorth_6590De3.SNF (1)A River of Ice. A short drive North through Taos, New Mexico, just 40 miles from the Colorado Border, a left turn takes you through  a very third world community of La Mesita. Further along the gravel road one comes to the historic Lobatos Bridge. Built in 1892 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company from Canton, Ohio, it stands as a testament of how structures were built with skill, pride and the idea that it should last for ever. Which makes me wonder, if the irrigators of Colorado weren’t draining the river of it’s Spring floods, would this bridge have washed out years ago? Perhaps.
The following image was captured standing on the bridge, looking North, with the Southern most 14,000 foot peak, Blanca, in the background.

Lobatos, Colorado

Saint Anthony de Padua ParishConstructed in 1929, this church has rich and vibrant history. A Franciscan friar and Doctor of the Church, Anthony (also Antony) joined the order in hopes of preaching to the Saracens and possibly facing a martyr’s death. Instead he became a respected teacher and gained fame for his miracles. He is a patron saint of the poor and oppressed.

Dixon, New Mexico

Orilla VerdeThe Winter of 2012 has been a interesting one. It came in like a lamb until the new year, then things turned cold, damn cold. Besides taking a dual sport motorcycle trip to Southern Arizona, my time has been spent exploring the Wild and Scenic section of Rio Grande River.

Orilla Verde Recreation Area, New Mexico

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    Now I am producing my own much more political and face slapping
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    This image would appear on screen for one second while I am running
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  2. Hi Britt:

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    Would you be willing to donate their use to the cause of protecting rivers? If so, would I be able to obtain high resolution images from you directly?

    Much thanks!

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  3. Hi Britt:

    The River Network Brochure is out, featuring several of your shots! Thank you so much again for beautifying our publication with your creations…


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