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Motorcycle Privilege – Featured

Featured in Premium FAA Artist (click on image to view on my website) Motorcyclist are a special breed. While participating in a local event for motorcycle riders, I couldn’t stop myself from taking photographs, lots of photographs. This I thought … Continue reading

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Motorcycles of Peru

 The Motorcycles of Peru are not a pleasure vehicle but an important means of transportation. Well that’s mostly the case. For most of the people in the world a motorcycle is an affordable means of transportation and small displacement engines … Continue reading

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Constructing a Motorcycle Shop

Constructing a motorcycle shop was something I’d been wanting to do since being a teenager when I had a 1968 Yamaha dirt bike. Think about that for a moment, that was 47 years ago. I have worked on BMW’s, Yamaha’s, … Continue reading

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Taos Celebrates Dennis Hopper Day

The Taos Pueblo, the city of Taos and Taos county celebrated Dennis Hopper Day. We gathered in the Ranchos de Taos Plaza, behind the historic San Francisco de Asís Church near the old El Cortez Theater where Hopper lived at … Continue reading

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