Terraced Slope, Rio Marañon, Peru

This terraced landscape image was taken downstream of the Celendin bridge on the Rio Marañon of Peru, approximately kilometer 370. In the course of rafting 400 miles and 30 days, the Rio Marañon passes through biomes ranging from barren desert to lush rain forest.
There were many discussions within our group as to as to what created the wavy, terraced effect as seen in this image. We can to no conclusion.

The San Pedro cactus, Echinopsis pachanoi, seen in this image grow up to 40 feet. It is one of the four most sacred plants of Peru. San Pedro has hallucinogenic properties and is often compared to the more popular cactus known as Peyote; both are members of the mescaline family.

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Terraced grass trails on the slopes.

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