Water Abstractions

Spending a lot of my outdoor time along our nations rivers in search of water abstractions, I always get my feet wet. It seems to happen as I move along the shore line with my gaze on the water and neglecting to pay attention to the placement of my feet. Sometimes it’s merely a glance, other times I stand transfixed in a trance, unmoving, unable to remove my fixation from the water’s appearance. But hey, sometimes it’s worth it!

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The Island Gold image was taken on an early morning Autumn outing in search of fall colors. Upon leaving the house, in Dixon, New Mexico, the plan was to photograph the golden leaves of the Rio Grande’s cottonwood trees but as often happens, plans change and the gold color of the water’s surface took hold.

Island Gold_7339De3.SNF

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Aslant Blue is one of my personal favorites. A clear day, riverside vegetation and a perfect sun angle in New Mexico’s Rio Grande del Norte National Monument presented me with this marvel, almost a hallucination. Some have compared it with a Monet painting.

Aslant Blue_3526Buz

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Summer Water Reflection was taken while I explored the first major tributary of the Rio Grande, the Rio Chama Wild and Scenic river. The topography of the river bed lay out in such a way that a small “v wave” formed facing the left shore where I was standing.

Summer Water_6540

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Duck Trails could have been named duck wake or duck slipstream or duck backwash or duck wash or perhaps duck path. I like trails better. It’s a added bonus when theĀ  water’s surface is throwing back it’s reflective colors and wildlife enters the scene.


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Flora Reflection is a winter image. Usually my winter time photographic jaunts are in search of wildlife, in particular the Bald Eagles that frequent the Rio Grande when the seasonal temperatures drop, but when sightings are infrequent, the water speaks. Seen here is the native flora in it’s winter color being mirrored on the water.


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