Who’s Trashing My Rio Grande? – Bud Light Trash

Bud Light Trash

When I began seeing the large amount of Bud Light trash as I journeyed around the Land of Enchantment my mission statement was:

“Everywhere I go in this great state of New Mexico I encounter an  Anheuser-Busch product. So I decided to do a bit of photo journalism on the discarded containers of Bud Light. Seems to be the most popular trash in New Mexico.”

My goal was simply to bring awareness to an ever increasing problem.

Now it’s evident that the Rio Grande is being hit on all fronts. Not only do I see the increasing amount of litter left on it’s banks, tossed into the river or thrown out a window of a moving car, I now realize it’s a river “with no rights“.

My obsession with the #budlighttrash I encounter now seems somewhat trivial after reading “The Rio Grande is Dying. Does Anyone Care“. This summer it was only a trickle as it crossed the Colorado border into New Mexico. Rumor has it, there are 22 miles of dry river bed south of Albuquerque.

Another great read is one by Steven Richard Miller titled “The River Has No Right to Water“.

Now for a few images of what I’ve found.

Purposely placed on top and left.Did someone think that this was cute?

#budlighttrash in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.At this vantage point along the Rio it’s obvious they took in the view and then simply tossed the Bud Light can to the ground.

A teaching moment. budlighttrashEducating the youngsters. The children and I had a wonderful day rafting, swimming and searching for #budlighttrash.

A single glass bottle in the rocks.Wedged amongst the basalt boulders.

My Summer axe and budlighttrash.The tool of my trade and a battered discard.

#budlighttrashAs my guests and I floated the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument we stumbled upon a stash of a twelve pack and various fishing litter.

A budlighttrash cap at the river's edge.If I had a dollar for each cap I found………

#budlighttrash floating in an eddy of the Rio Grande, New Mexico.Do they just toss it in the river and just watch it float away?

Underwater broken bottle of Bud Light discard.One of my underwater images of a broken bottle with the label attached.

Underwater photo of a Bud Light cap.Another underwater image of a discarded cap.

Another days bounty of Bud Light Trash.My one day haul of captured #budlighttrash as it rests in the bottom of my raft.

Below you’ll find an image from my online store that has been purchased by an unknown admirer as a fine art print which I now suppose is hanging on their wall.

Bud Light cap on Fine Art America.

Britt Runyon

A New Mexico based free roaming, award winning, internationally published, digital photographer, always on the qui vive for what Nature and humans provide.

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About Britt Runyon

A New Mexico based free roaming outdoor digital photographer, always on the qui vive for what Nature and humans provide.
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