Color of Water

Colorado WaterEver stare at the water and watch the colors? A closer look. The morning we launched after camping at Randy’s Rock, we drifted downstream into a clear morning with shade on the water from the towering cliffs above.  This was staring up at me.

Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

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Tornillo Creek in Boquillas Canyon.Tornillo Texture. On the banks of the Rio Grande River, at it’s confluence with Tornillo Creek in Boquillas Canyon, one finds a beautiful hot spring. It is frequently visited by travelers who hike the area of Big Bend National Park. The sunscreen oil washes off their skin, floats on the surface of the water and that’s what gives this image it’s texture.

Big Bend National Park, Texas

A simple splash.Water Crater. Upon closer inspection, I discovered a great world of catastrophic events occurring on a very minute scale.

Taos Creek, Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, New Mexico

Lewis LakeLewis Lake. As I explore the waters of the world around me, I find the beautiful colors of our natural environment reflected on the surface. This image has the abstractions of the blue sky and the green of the towering pines that surround the lake. The thin lines add an element of some sort of drawing to this image.

Lewis Lake, Yellowstone National Park

Flora ReflectionFlora Reflection. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the early morning reflections in the cold water’s of the river present me with visual delusions galore.

Rio Grande River, New Mexico

Timber ReflectionPredawn image. For this image I had to hike the river before the morning sun reached the water. It reminds me of some evil enchanted forest from an ancient fable.

Rio Grande River, New Mexico

The sediment of the LCR clouds the clear water of the Colorado River.Water Smoke. The sediment laden waters of the LCR quickly cloud the crystal green waters of the mighty Colorado River.

Confluence of the Little Colorado and the Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park

Ripplet BlueRipplet Blue. I once again find myself in awe of what Mother Nature presents to me when I take the time to look.

Rio Grande River, New Mexico

Raw VibrationIs it really moving? Is it just me, or does this really look as if it’s a photo of vibrating water?

Orilla Verde Recreation Area, New Mexico

Landscape WaterLooking into the world. As I hike along the rivers edge, I see various scenes, a place, an object or just get a particular impression. This gave me perception of viewing a landscape of an unknown land. What do you see?

Rio Grande River, New Mexico

EmeraldGreener on the other side. As I scanned the far shore for my critter friends, the reflections in the water drew me in. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the color that’s there in the water blows me away.

Orilla Verde Recreation Area, Rio Grande River, New Mexico

Meboid Reflection

My view North. We had been on the road for months, adventure touring Central America on Zed (BWM R 100 GS motorcycle) and found a great ex-pat hotel and bar on the Rio Dulce River on the coast of Guatemala. This image was taken form the dock.

Parque Nacional Rio Dulce, Guatemala, Central America

Revential ResoectFrom the veranda. With drink in hand, reclined most comfortably, I watched the sunset over Bahia Almirante from the veranda of the hotel.

Bocas del Toro, Panama

Sight StreamTake a moment. Next time you find yourself crossing a cool mountain stream, rushing water and slippery rocks, take a moment and stop, it’s there for your pleasure. Image was taken as I stood in the middle of Cherry Creek, a tributary of the Salt River, Arizona.

Salt River Wilderness, Arizona

Aslant Blue ColorAutumn in the blue water. Along the Rio Grande River, I like many others are amazed by the turning of the leaves. We watch as their colors morph from green to every shade from red to gold but as we’re all looking up to view the spectacle we forget to gaze down at the richness in the water.

Orilla Verde Recreation Area, New Mexico

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