Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley Part I

Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley offers expansive landscapes and is home to huge herds of elk, deer, antelope, fox, bison, grizzly, wolves, coyotes and a wide variety of birds, raptors and waterfowl. The valley is almost treeless and is prime hunting ground for Yellowstone’s four legged and feathered hunters, which make it an excellent area for wildlife viewing. On any day in the summer, you will see visitors with their spotting scopes on the side of the road watching the wildlife off in the distance. We watched as the coyotes, wolves, grizzly and ravens took their turn feeding on the latest bison kill along the banks of the Lamar River.

Then we decided to get off the tarmac and venture in on foot.

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Yellowstone's Lamar ValleyThe road coming in from West Yellowstone.

Yellowstone's Lamar ValleyWe kept to the trail for a short distance the headed off cross country.

Yellowstone's Lamar ValleyHmm, should we stay or should we go?

Yellowstone's Lamar ValleyCrossing Soda Butte Creek as it flows into the Lamar Valley. This view is looking downstream towards it’s confluence with the Lamar River.

Yellowstone's Lamar Valley     Coyotes on the bison kill.

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Yellowstone's Lamar ValleyThe lone wolf leaving the kill. Lamar River in background.

Yellowstone's Lamar ValleyThe view West.

Yellowstone's Lamar ValleyA lone grizzly ambles along the banks of the Lamar River below Specimen Ridge.

Yellowstone's Lamar ValleyOff trail and in Grizz Territory.

Yellowstone's Lamar ValleyLooking across the Lamar River with Specimen Ridge in the background.

Yellowstone's Lamar ValleyThe storm clouds gather.

Yellowstone's Lamar ValleyWe came across numerous kill sites, both fresh and old.

Yellowstone's Lamar ValleyA wildlife paradise.

Yellowstone's Lamar ValleyOne of the best times to visit of course is Autumn.

Yellowstone's Lamar ValleyCJ and a lone bison are both headed for the same gap in the tree line.

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